Why Hunt! What to expect in a loft rental?|What to expect in highrise rental? An apartment locator does the job of determining apartments that match to your needs, for free. It is simple, it is fast, it is what the renter today is after. You want your free time to explore Austins neighorhoods, hand out with friends, prepare for your new job or shcool. We get you on your way home..

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What renters say.

Dean was great to work with. I found him through a specific listing and he worked diligently with me and the owner to come to a quick resolution on a great 2br in one of my favorite neighborhoods Kristin

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Saw apartments with dozens of brokers who were extremely unhelpful, and didn't even care. Liked the first apartment Dean showed and she was helpful from the first time viewing the apartment to the lease signing. Definitely recommended! Charles

Dean was a pleasure to work with from start to finish! She was genuine, direct and eager for me to get the best deal I could. I am happy to report she was able to find me an apartment beyond my expectations, but well within my budget! Do yourself a favor and call Dean! Jack Brown

Very personable, honest, and cour-teous. She had great apartments that were in line with what I was looking for and right within my budget. Highly recommended!

About us.

  • Who Are We?
    We are Apartment Selector®, a free apartment locating service. For over40 years we have offered our personalized service to renters, helpingover 2 million customers just like you find their new apartment home. Weare active members of local, state, and national apartment associations,and are recognized within the industry for our experience, integrity,and knowledge.
  • What We Do.
    We are a free apartment locating service finding rental vacancies forour customers. We have successfully placed over 2 million renters incities across the United States. Our job is to save you time, money, andhassle by doing the searching for you. We stay with you until we helpyou find the apartment that meets your needs.

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  • How We Do It.
    Through an interview process with you we determine your wants and needs.You tell us what your preferences are regarding location, price, numberof bedrooms, and amenities. Then we call the apartment communities thatmeet your requirements to get information on vacancies, exact pricing,and any move-in specials being offered. We then communicate thatinformation to you by phone, fax, mail, internet, or in person. We willescort you on a showing of the apartment communities you are interestedin by appointment.
  • Why Are We Free?
    Our service is free to you because our referral fee is paid by theapartment community you move into. Importantly, our free service doesnot effect what you pay in rent, deposits, etc. We only ask that you letthe apartment communities know on the application and guest card thatApartment Selector referred you.
  • What Should You Do?
    Contact us right away by phone or email. You may first want to check outour Apartment Photo Gallery to view apartments that are representativeof those in the city you are moving to. Or complete our informationrequest form so that one of our licensed, knowledgable agents can getstarted. Let us hear from you. We are ready to help.